This WLAN gateway system is an enterprise-class 2U rack-mountable unit to be installed at the network edge, where it performs packet-filtering and policy enforcement for WLAN APs attached to it. Each AM 6500 Access Manager can support up to 800 users and has data processing rates of 300 Mbps (unencrypted) and 150 Mbps (encrypted).

The units can be deployed as part of the Vernier Networks System to act with, and be managed by, the firm's CS 6500 Control Servers. By managing AP traffic, the Access Managers (AMs) are deployed to establish a secure gateway between wireless users and core wired network infrastructures. The gateway stops malicious traffic from reaching the network core while providing WLAN services for users.

The AMs are designed to detect a user's movement from one wireless coverage zone to another and can tunnel a user's sessions to provide uninterrupted network service. The AMs can also function as VPN endpoints, supporting IPsec and other industry standard encryption technologies for securing WLAN traffic.

Due to the modular nature of Vernier's system, it is crucial to configure the managing Control Server before setting up the AM. The setup of the AM then requires connecting a laptop or PC to the unit via a crossover serial cable and initiating a terminal session.

After starting the AM, the Serial Console is accessible. Set the basic date and time parameters before ensuring the AM and Control Server system components are synchronized with the Control Server's IP address and shared secret pass phrase. With the AM integrated into the Vernier system, we could then add the APs to the unit.

As configuration of AMs is done via the Administrative Interface in the Control Server, once the AMs are installed to work on the network with the Control Server there should be no need to perform any admin functions from the devices.