Zecurion DLP largely focuses on internal security, offering advanced forensic investigation and control features that detect policy violations, insecurely stored data, data usage and transfers. It immediately notifies security officers about security lapses, so teams can address and resolve issues quickly. The platform also protects intellectual property DLP and uses hybrid analysis. The robust monitoring capabilities of Zecurion leverage more than 10 different content-detection technologies to scan the content inside files and archives and determine the existence of any and all encrypted or camouflaged data.

Security teams can turn on the microphone of any computer in the organization to record audio at any time, turning it into an audio surveillance device that may even automatically integrate speech-to-text and store records in the archive database. Zecurion recordings detect dangerous operations like data destruction that typical DLP products cannot control. It saves end-user sessions as screenshots or videos of live monitoring footage.

Zecurion DLP also offers keyboard capturing, a monitoring technique that gathers and tags all types of text and keystrokes so security teams can search them easily using keywords. Similarly, screenshot capture collects screenshots from workstations on each endpoint to monitor applications and end-user actions.

The platform cross-references monitored behavior with its own behavior analysis tool. This tool creates composite data on user activities with key attributes that show changes over time and detect deviations from expected, normal end-user behavior. If an unexpected behavioral deviation occurs, Zecurion alerts security offers immediately. It also analyzes relationships amongst end-users to estimate traffic flow between internal employees. An interactive user connection map shows all internal users and external contacts with relational information to minimize the time and effort necessary for a full investigation and retrospective analysis.

A comprehensive and customizable product, it identifies misbehavior and the misuse of organizational resources, uncovers practices like internal fraud and financial manipulation and prevents financial losses. By facilitating early risk detection and mitigation, this product works to secure all possible data leak channels, allowing administrators and security personnel to respond to events efficiently and giving senior management peace of mind. In addition, Zecurion DLP offers compliance support.

Pricing is $130 per user for a lifetime license and comes with 8/5 Standard Support for one year. Phone, email and web support are available. Customers have access to FAQ list. Annual cost for upgrades and standard support after one year is 20 percent of the license fee.

 Tested by: Matthew Hreben