The CryptoCard package came with neatly and securely packaged hardware and software. The documentation was complete and very well presented, including useful screenshots. Installation was a breeze and the installation procedure very clear. We encountered no errors during installation.

CryptoCard has been around for a while and its pedigree shows. Support was good and the product performed well. It supports virtually every form factor for hardware tokens and it has wide platform support including Macintosh. One of the major selling points of the product is its ability to support two-factor authentication for Apache web servers as well as Microsoft's IIS. It also supports most common firewalls and VPNs as well as the usual LDAP and Radius methods of authentication.

When we received the package, we installed without difficulty and set up the authentication server quickly. The user and administrator interface is straightforward and we were impressed with most user interactions except for a few of the error messages, which seemed to be a bit cryptic or inconsistent with the error.

Support is good and there is more than ample assistance available on the web site, including specific documentation for all of the product's optional third-party support requirements.

Although the server seems a bit pricey, it compares favorably with similar products from other large, well-established vendors and the wide choice of token form factors can help larger enterprises customize a token solution to be economical though never, as is common with hard-card authentication devices, inexpensive.