Digital Defense Frontline Vulnerability Manager performs automated vulnerability assessments with a patented scanning engine that enables simple configuration of the assessments to gain visibility into the weaknesses of network assets. It provides the tools and features to report, prioritize and track vulnerability states. This cloud-native, SaaS platform integrates with many cybersecurity leaders to enhance existing security investments and proactively guard against breaches.

The entire interface is user-friendly with logically designed menus and easy implementation of scans and scan schedules. Analysts can use multiple scanners to detect vulnerabilities, then assign separate policies and auto-generated scan schedules to each scanner. The intelligent, proprietary scanner performs enterprisewide asset discovery, automatically conducting and fine-tuning scans on more than just the known address space. This global discovery improves scan accuracy by removing the potential for human error. The scan engine fingerprints assets to optimize host scanning without hampering business functions. An additional security feature leverages role-based access so designated users can view specific assets pertaining to their job functions. Frontline Vulnerability Manager can resolve hosts and changes in dynamic environments.

Although the inflexible dashboards frustrated us a bit, they are fully clickable and provide tremendous at-a-glance information, including network summaries, recent scans and “security GPA” scores, which are easily consumable grades or ratings that reflect network security performance. Frontline Vulnerability Manager bases these security GPA scores on the severity of the assets that trigger vulnerabilities. The GPA scores also take into consideration threat intelligence and the organizational criticality of the asset when determining the existence and likelihood of vulnerability exploitation.

On-demand reporting and alerting means that analysts may use anything and everything in the dashboards to build a report, while pre-defined, customizable report options make reporting easy.

Overall, Digital Defense Frontline Vulnerability Manager makes it quick and easy to parse through accurate vulnerability data to extract specific information. It offers several unique ways of looking at vulnerability data and then leverages reporting variety to show remediation justifications and more. The modern, attractive dashboard makes this entire solution easy to use, while the immediate and intelligent fine-tuning scans result in a gentle learning curve and minimal overhead.

Pricing starts at $1,800 annual subscription for small businesses, and enterprise MSRP starts at $14,400 for 1,000 active IPs, including 24/7 phone, email and website support. Additional support options are available for a fee.

Tested by Tom Weil