Digital Defense’s Frontline Vulnerability Manager 6.2 intelligently and dynamically applies appropriate and relevant scan profiles to fingerprint assets within the scope of an assessment, enabling simple-to-configure, accurate and low abrasion assessments. The company recognizes that vulnerability management must include tools and features to report, prioritize and track vulnerability states to make it easy for users to parse through the data to get the results they need quickly and accurately. The solution can be configured to run with or without credentials on a one-off or reoccurring basis by applying user-defined or default scan policies.

Digital Defense is SaaS native, designed from the start to be a multitenant cloud offering. It offers organizations actionable results with a shorted time to presentable results. The Rest API eases integrations and enriches security ecosystem platforms. Overall, this is an easy to deploy, easy to use and accurate solution. We had it up and running quickly with no trouble.

By leveraging patented host correlation technology to track assets across scans and trend host information regardless of IP address changes, this solution can manage vulnerability data across multiple scans. Results are automatically imported into Active View to provide an ongoing, aggregate view of the assets on your network and can be managed, searched, and granularly filtered for data from any assessment. Users also can track remediation progress and trends. The solution can create reports on-demand from any assessment, ActiveView or a custom filter and can generate compliance reports for regulatory or benchmark compliance management.

The solution offers penetration testing with results integrated into the Frontline VM interface to simplify vulnerability data management and allow users the access and management of data from assessments and penetration testing.

Standout features include patented scanning technology with intelligent scan profile applications based on fingerprinting as well as cross-context auditing. The Frontline Active View leverages Frontline DNA patented host correlation algorithms that match scans to assets to ease data management and offer extensive sorting and filtering. It also enables trending. The Frontline Security GPA is an easy-to-consume security posture value and considers business criticality in its weighted calculation of assets.

Results from scans appear in circular graphs, referred to as Security Donuts, show vulnerabilities by severity, assets by OS and assets by type. Organizations can view assets individually and build reports off easy-to-set-up filters. A crystal reports connector for custom reports that allows for further customization of reports from any and all gathered data.

Overall, we found Digital Defense to have an easier learning curve and setup compared with other solutions. The scoring criteria includes the ability for users to assign business criticality with asset weights, given based on the device type, in order to calculate the overall priority that should be given to an asset and its security posture.

Starting price is $1,800 annually for small businesses. Enterprise MSRP starts at $14,400 for 1,000 active IPs. 24/7 phone and email support is offered. Managed service comes at an upcharge and includes a personal security analyst.

Tested by Tom Weil