The e-DATA Fingerprint Key is the biometric heart of a full-access control system. With the Fingerprint Key installed, a company can use any combination of fingerprint biometrics, PINs and iCLASS smart cards for controlled access to restricted areas. The biggest advantage this product has is the on-board storage capacity of the system. The main controllers can manage up to 3,000 users without the need for a separate server infrastructure.

Installation and management is fairly straightforward but can be slightly confusing depending on the environment. The installation consists of wiring up the master unit, connecting the door unit and then connecting the Fingerprint Key. After all of that is complete, further management takes place on the built-in web management console. We found this GUI console to be easy to navigate and intuitive to use with a very organized layout.

This product offers flexibility in deployment as well. Since it is network-based, several readers can be placed throughout the environment and be centrally managed. This also means user access is centrally managed and it can be set up via granular or broad policies that are configured directly in the web GUI.
Documentation included a quick setup PDF, as well as PDF manuals for the hardware component, software component and user enrollment. We found these to contain clear instructions, as well as many screen shots and configuration examples.

Support provided by e-DATA includes no-cost phone and online technical support during the warranty period, as well as access to a knowledge base, video tutorials and computer-based training available via the website. Customers also can purchase on-site training, as well as additional phone support.

At a price of $921 for just the fingerprint reader, we find this tool to be an average value for the money. While this reader can incorporate with an existing system, if there is not a system in place, the master unit and door units must be purchased separately.