Unify from Ensim provides a full-scale user provisioning and account management platform that can plug into several user platforms throughout the enterprise for easy centralized management. With Unify deployed, administrators can easily manage Active Directory users, Microsoft Exchange configurations, provision and manage mobile devices, and perform a whole host of other account provisioning and management tasks.

Installation is launched from an executable, which will then open a setup wizard. This wizard walks admins through the steps to get a basic configuration in place, as well as setting up the backend SQL database if needed. Once the wizard is complete, all further configuration and management is done through the intuitive web-based management interface.

This product packs quite a punch when it comes to flexibility. We find there was a good balance of full, hands-on administration and automated tasks.

Documentation includes installation and quick-start guides, and full integrated help. We find all documentation to be adequate.

Ensim offers full standard support for the life of the product as part of an annual maintenance contract. This includes both phone and email technical assistance, as well as access to an online portal where customers can access resources, such as product documentation. However, this portal does not include a knowledge base for users to search for support issues.

At a price ranging from $5-$12, we find this to be a good value for the money. The Ensim Unify platform can provide a lot of functionality for automating and managing user accounts throughout the enterprise.