The Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System (XPS) is a full-function, high-end system that can combat data leakage on many fronts. This includes a central command center appliance to which different sensors are connected. This provides a comprehensive and flexible system designed for the specific needs of the environment. This product works by stopping unauthorized network traffic based on content, application or protocol. It inspects all traffic across all 65,535 ports, and identifies critical sensitive information.

It was fairly simple to install and deploy. There are really two parts to the deployment. The first is getting the Command Post appliance up and running, and the second is deploying and adding the sensors to Command Post. After the sensors are added, they need to be configured. All management and configuration is done through the web GUI. These interfaces are well-organized and intuitive to navigate.

This tool seeks out classified and personally identifiable information, credit card data, source code, as well as ePHI (electronic protected health information). It also supports email security requirements by quarantining unencrypted emails or redirecting those sensitive emails to an encryption server before they leave the network.

Documentation consists of a well-organized quick-start guide that illustrates the steps to getting each of the appliances installed on the network. Further documentation is available via the appliances themselves as PDF user and administration guides.

Fidelis offers basic and premium levels of support via support contracts. Basic provides business hour support, whereas premium is 24/7/365. Support options include phone and email technical support, as well as web-based support, which includes software and documentation downloads.

At a price starting at around $25,000, we find this product to be an excellent value for the money. The XPS offers high flexibility and many great features at a reasonable price.