This appliance is in-depth and focused on malware, lacking VPN and IDS/IPS capabilities. The configurations are granular and take a lot of time to put in place. While the setup and installation of the NG-5100 are very simple, configuration is not an easy task. That said, documentation plays a large role in making the configuration process much less arduous.

This appliance incorporates many protective features in one product. It uses multiple, overlapping anti-virus engines from Sophos, McAfee, and Kaspersky and also brings together web filtering from SurfControl and Secure Computing, along with its own features such as application blocking and anti-spyware.

It brings to the table its own vulnerability scanner, known as Anti.dote, which performs virtual patching for zero-hour protection against known vulnerabilities.

This box performs excellently. It includes solid third-party anti-virus and web filters, along with its own anti-spyware, and vulnerability protection together into one box. It also incorporates detailed logs and reports which can be customised to analyse specific areas.

The Finjan NG-5100 comes supplied with three pieces of documentation. Manuals include a guide to get started, outlining the steps in the setup wizard, an installation guide that elaborates on the setup wizard and details basic installation tasks, and a management console reference guide with details on specific device and policy settings.

All the manuals are clear and easy to understand and include screenshots and tables.

Although Finjan offers a lot of support options, all come at a price. Free support is only offered via email, while all other options must be purchased as a part of a support package. These packages include options such as telephone support and automatic download of product upgrades and updates.

With such a high price tag, at the top end of the category, this product is a hefty investment for any organisation.

Although it offers best-of-breed software packages, this protection does not come cheap. Couple that with support and subscription fees, and we find that the price becomes even more daunting.