Fischer Identity from Fischer International provides full-service user account management and account provisioning all in one application. This product is available as both an on-premise or cloud-based deployment depending on the needs of the organization. This suite can manage a user's identity across the board - from creation and enrollment through termination.

The installation of this product consists of two parts. The first is installing the Identity Suite itself and the second is installing the provisioning components. Both of these installations, which are guided by installation wizards, are easy and straightforward. After the install is complete, all management is done through an easy-to-use management console. We found this console to be intuitive to navigate and very powerful. There is a wealth of configuration options available and everything is pretty much point-and-click with no need for scripting or coding.

Managing workflows is easy and intuitive. Using the Workflow and Connectivity Studio, it is quick and easy to create workflows to meet the needs of the environment. This studio includes preconfigured connectors and everything is organized in an easy-to-navigate layout for simple workflow management.

Documentation provided with this product includes installation and administrator guides. Both include screen shots and step-by-step instructions.

Fischer offers many support options for both its cloud-based and on-premise customers. Support options include phone and email technical help, as well as access to a web portal that includes a knowledge base and other resources.

At a price starting at $4.50 per user for the entire suite - including user provisioning, password management, self-service portal, access termination, privileged account access and identity compliance - we find this to be an excellent value for the money. The Fischer Identity suite provides powerful identity management and account provisioning tools in an easy-to-use product.