SafeNet Authentication Service is a cloud-based authentication service that uses a wide range of tokens and custom agents to support multifactor authentication to include one-time passwords generated by a phone app, SMS, a hardware token or email.

Setup, as with many cloud-based solutions, is a breeze. The MP-1 software token is a one-time password that expires every 60 seconds and generates a new one. This is as simple as install and activate. Simply follow the email link and copy-paste an activation code. SMS authentication is as simple as inputting a cell phone number.

One of SafeNet's big selling points is its API, and consequently, Safenet can be integrated into just about any application one may be working on. It has many agents for a long list of already existing applications, services and servers, including Microsoft Active Directory and RADIUS. SafeNet also allows SAML services, like Google Apps and Salesforce.

The tool has granular logging and reporting and a self-service portal, both of which greatly reduce the amount of management time required while keeping both the user and the administrator more informed.

Documentation is extensive and complete. The agents themselves each have a spot on their website that is easy to find and the diagrams are clear in describing what is happening every step of the way. However, they may have overdone themselves here as there is so much documentation it can be challenging to find what you might be looking for. For some applications, it seems like a great deal of reading is needed to get one's feet off the ground.

SafeNet's Extended Support is included in the subscription cost and includes online and telephone assistance during regional business hours with an eight-hour response time. SafeNet's Plus Support costs 10 percent of the subscription price and includes 24/7/365 online and telephone aid with a one-hour support time.

SafeNet has one of the broadest ranges of agents we have ever seen. There is a small, easy to set up agent for seemingly every service we can shake a stick at. The interface feels intuitive and clean and presents logging information at the fingertips of the administrators.