GFI LANguard is a tool that provides comprehensive vulnerability scanning along with several built-in scanning profiles to offer install-and-play capability. This scanner uses a database of over 15,000 various vulnerabilities, including CVE, OVAL and SANS. LANguard can also scan inside the virtual environment, including VMWare and Microsoft Virtual Server, or in hybrid environments it can tell if a machine is physical or virtual for more tailored scanning and vulnerability management.

This solution is almost as plug-and-play as they come. The installation is launched from a single executable and takes just a few minutes. After install is complete, the application is launched and scanning can be underway immediately using pre-defined scanning profiles. If built-in profiles are not your thing, creating a custom profile from scratch is also quite easy with just a few clicks, or users can edit a built-in policy and save it as new. The intuitive management interface is easy to navigate and comfortable to use.

With many scanning options and easy-to-create profiles, along with remediation and plug-in reporting, we find this product to be a solid vulnerability management tool. We also noticed in this version that the reporting module is much easier and seamless to use than in previous versions we have seen.

Documentation includes a getting-started guide and an administration guide. The getting-started guide features step-by-step installation instructions, upgrade procedures and troubleshooting tips, while the administration guide focuses on configuring and managing the product and product features. Both guides included many screen shots and configuration instructions that were easy to follow and understand.

GFI includes the first year of phone and email technical support in the purchase price of the tool. Support after the first year can be obtained through a support contract at an annual 20 percent of the product price. There is also a free support area on the website that includes technical documentation, a knowledge base and support request forms.

At a price starting at $32 per IP for 10 to 24 IPs, we find this solution to be a good value for the money. LANguard combines solid scanning capability with pre-defined scanning options and remediation to quickly and efficiently manage network vulnerabilities.