The GMS Protected WebMail Package includes many great features. It can be a complete web-based email platform with many bells and whistles included. It includes onboard protection, like anti-virus, and an anti-spam filter that includes a dynamically updated blacklist of phrases that are typically used in spam messages. Also included is its own instant messaging platform, as well as SMS messaging.

This product was a quick install with a single executable that used a simple set-up wizard. The set-up wizard flew through installation with little interaction from us, but that is where the simplicity ended. Once installed, we found the program to be difficult to work with due to ambiguous areas in documentation and a clunky Java-based web interface.

We found this product to be an average performer. With problems such as its awkward management interface and difficult configuration and implementation, this product was hardly a quick deployment. We also noticed its protection to be average. Though it has its own onboard anti-virus, the anti-spam engine is only about halfway effective. The anti-spam engine includes the abilities to filter based on words or phrases in its blacklist, attachment types, maximum recipients or message size, and a few others including connection or IP specific rules. However, policies are difficult to configure and simple in nature.

The documentation included with the WebMail Package was comprised of several PDF guides. While there is no lack of actual documentation, we found these guides to be less than helpful in certain areas.

While telephone support from Gordano is available through contract only, there are many other ways for users to acquire support. Email support is offered. There is a large support area on the Gordano website as well. This area includes sections for manuals, the online knowledge base, bug reports, user group email and the latest security reports.

Based on 1,000 users, the GMS Protected WebMail Package costs $21.50 per user. While that seems like a pretty good value if you are in the market for Webmail and built-in SMS and instant messaging, this deal feels fairly average if gauged on the level of protection offered.