IBM MaaS360 with Watson is a robust, multi-tenant and cloud-based endpoint management solution that supports mobile and desktop platforms to give advanced compliance, security monitoring and policy enforcement. It also features may third-party integrations, making it lightweight and frictionless.

Watson, a question-and-answer system backed by machine learning technology, provides information retrieval, automated reasoning and knowledge representation. Because Watson is already built in, MaaS360 can compare current policy configurations with its own recommended best practices, eliminating inefficiencies and protecting environments at the same time.

Each tile on the clean, organized dashboard displays a high-level view of information that can be configured with different attributes. The Alert Center lists all current security issues, including missing certificates, risk exposure and risk removal recommendations. Alerts are customizable with many filtering options. There is even an option to monitor wearable devices and health statistics. As might be expected, the real-time Activity Feed displays the console’s most recent activities, providing a snapshot of the entire environment with high-level user and device information.

Trusteer is also built into MaaS360, regularly scanning devices for malicious applications or signatures. Its ability to containerize applications is an important security feature that keeps infected applications from spreading malicious payloads elsewhere. Blacklisted applications do not even appear in the application store. Security teams may choose to wipe compromised devices selectively or totally. A selective wipe removes only corporate applications and corporate data so administrators can still study the device. TeamViewer is likewise integrated into MaaS360 and provides remote control capabilities for all enrolled devices.

MaaS360 has a deeply secure mail client that can limit attachment forwarding and block users from accessing other email applications, such as Outlook or Gmail. The mail client can be run without enrolling in MDM software so users can leverage containerization on a personal device and securely access their messages.

With MaaS360, enrolling devices has never been easier. It deploys by sending prospective users an email with a QR code, allowing it to import users individually and in bulk.  IBM truly has streamlined the installation and enrollment processes, especially compared to other products in the space.

There are so many features and configuration options in MaaS360, including an organized console, a secure mail client and application and user containerization. Anyone looking for an MDM-UEM solution should seriously consider IBM’s MaaS360 with Watson.

The base prices for IBM MaaS360 with Watson are $4 per device/month or $8 per device/month. 24/7 support (phone, email, website, knowledgebase and FAQ list) is included free with purchase of the product and continues for duration of the subscription.

Tested by: Tom Weil