The Kingston Data-Traveler 4000-M looks like any Kingston USB flash drive, but it has more underneath the hood than just any everyday USB key. This device can be managed through SafeConsole for Kingston for complete device control. The drive itself uses hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption to protect the data that is stored locally, but the real power comes by way of the console. Here, administrators can set policy for passwords and device use, device locking and auditing files.

The deployment starts with the SafeConsole server software. This can be installed on any Windows machine and is used to manage policy and devices. The SafeConsole web GUI is easy to navigate and intuitive to use and includes many device policy options. Once the console is deployed, the DataTraveler drive must be initialized with the console. This is done simply by running the executable installed on the device. Once the drive is initialized, the console pushes down the policy based on the drive owner, and everything is ready to go.

This tool is designed for the enterprise. Not only are there several policy options available, but this product allows for full-file auditing and forensic capabilities in the event of possible data leakage.

Documentation included a few PDF manuals, consisting of quick-start, installation, full administrator and troubleshooting guides. We found all to be easy to follow with many screen shots and configurations.
At a price starting at around $62 for the 2GB model with the SafeConsole included, we find this offering to be an excellent value for the money. The tool offers the enterprise an easy way to manage USB flash drive security.