This tool was originally scheduled to be included last month as part of our Group Test of mobile device management solutions, but after looking more deeply at it we decided to move it into this group in order for its broad feature set to be evaluated. Avalanche from LANDesk/Wavelink allows administrators to remotely manage a number of endpoint devices, including those from Apple, Android and Windows Mobile, as well as wireless printers and Windows client machines. Administrators simply deploy the proper client enabler for the device or operating system, and can then manage and enforce security policies for password requirements, encryption, certificates and others. 

This product can be deployed either on-site with the customer or hosted as a service by LANDesk/Wavelink. In either case, management is done pretty much the same way. For every device that needs to be managed, it must have an enabler installed. Once the enabler is installed, the device can be pointed to the management server where the policy can be pushed directly to the unit. Mobile devices can be enrolled by simply downloading the client app from the appropriate app store or through the use of Microsoft ActiveSync. All management of policy is done from a central, web-based management console. We found this console to be easy to navigate and to contain intuitive controls. Security policies include settings such as peripheral control, application control and email policies.

We found this solution to be an excellent way of managing a broad range of mobile endpoints to ensure security compliance throughout the enterprise. With this product deployed, administrators can push network and configuration settings to many types of endpoints across several network types, including Wi-Fi, wireless wide area networks (WWAN) or cellular networks. Furthermore, this offering includes out-of-the-box tools for maintaining regulatory compliance throughout the many device types, including auditing and reporting capabilities. 

Documentation included installation and user guides for the management console, as well as a few other supplemental pieces of documentation in PDF format. We found all to be well organized and easy to follow with many step-by-step instructions, screen shots and configuration examples. 

LANDesk/Wavelink offers basic phone- and email-based technical support as part of the product subscription cost. Additional assistance, including premium and dedicated support, can be purchased as part of an agreement. A support area is available on the vendor website, which includes product documentation, a knowledge base, a FAQ section and product downloads.

At a price starting at $4 per device per month, we found this solution to be a reasonable value for the money. LANDesk/Wavelink Avalanche offers a strong feature set for managing a broad range of mobile and nonmobile endpoints throughout the enterprise environment. Adding to the overall value of the tool is its ability to be deployed in the cloud and managed from anywhere, as well as its ability to manage many remote environments under one management console.