The AdventNet offering is a software and hardware offering. The primary mechanism for configuring the ManageEngine is a web interface that is installed on the management station. The WiFi Manager uses port 6080, which can be accessed from the local machine using a web browser. The hardware portion of the offering is a RF sensor, which monitors the radio bands of wireless to detect rouge access points and rogue wireless clients. The software can provide configuration to several brands of access points, including Cisco, DLink and HP. The web configuration interface is a bit confusing and it is easy to get lost in the interface’s levels of selectable options.

WiFi Manager was easy to set up from a hardware perspective. The access point needs its own power supply because the device does not grab power from the Ethernet line. The software client was also easy to install and there are Windows and Linux installation packages. Once the software was installed and the hardware connections were finished, it was time to use the configuration interface.

At this point, we would have liked a quick installation guide to continue with the configuration. Documentation on the product was not shipped with the test device, but we found a way to read the documentation from the AdventNet website. This is awkward and we could not find a set of PDF files that comprised a documentation set for the product.

AdventNet provides a level of pay support that is supplemental to the free 30 days of support given with the device purchase. There appeared to be no online FAQ and the knowledge base was difficult to find on the AdventNet website.

The AdventNet product was on the low end of the spectrum for products tested, and for the price it included a rich feature set.