McAfee MOVE Anti Virus


Anti-malware today suffers from a frustrating dichotomy. First, it is, arguably, the most mature of all of the capabilities in the security practitioner's toolkit. And, certainly, McAfee is one of the grand old products of the genre. On the other hand, a huge percentage of today's threats - especially advanced persistent threats - are delivered using increasingly sophisticated malware. Throw virtualized environments into the mix and one has a witch's brew of potentially bad news.

McAfee has successfully brought together the application of a centralized policy engine - ePO - with its anti-malware capability in the physical world. There is a strong suite of enterprise-class protection for the physical data center. Today, though, most enterprises of any size are becoming virtualized, so this protection needs to reach into the virtual to be effective. Because today's virtualization extends from servers to endpoints, the notion of pervasive anti-virus (AV) is even more important. Data and other transmittable files - especially bad files, such as malware - can move extremely quickly across a virtualized network backbone, so controlling malware in a virtualized world may well be more important than it is in the physical world. MOVE AV addresses this challenge head-on.

MOVE is optimized for the virtual - and it is hypervisor agnostic. It is managed through ePO policies and it integrates cleanly with other McAfee capabilities in the physical enterprise. Nowhere is a scan storm more threatening to system performance than when it results from AV scanning across a virtual network. MOVE monitors all of the loads - memory, CPU, IO, disk, hypervisor and more - in the virtual environment and manages itself accordingly.

Product title
McAfee MOVE Anti Virus
Product info
Name: McAfee MOVE Anti Virus Description: Provides ePO managed anti-virus for virtualized environments. Price: $34.73 per virtual desktop and up, depending on number of desktops/servers.
Provides ePO managed anti-virus for virtualized environments.
Ease of use combined with the ability to integrate a virtual environment into the overall hybrid environment for an ePO-managed, anti-malware capability that is seamless across all of the hybrid, physical or virtual, components.

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