If you are looking for flexibility, scalability and ease of use for vulnerability scanning and assessments, the IP360 offered by nCircle may be what you want.

The IP360 protects your enterprise by using a distributed appliance model. Device Profilers may be deployed locally at individual sites but administered centrally and securely via the VnE Manager. Rules and scan configurations may be set according to policy and downloaded via secure communication to the Device Profilers.

These are rugged, disk-less devices (they have 32 MB of flash memory) that are easily deployed, either in a rack-mounted or free-standing manner. They communicate with the local environment and perform scans accordingly but are also in direct and secure communication with the centrally located VnE Manager.

This latter rack-mounted device is built like the proverbial battleship and looks like it would not be fazed by anything short of a huge disaster. Running on a streamlined operating system, the devices are set up for initial connectivity via a command line interface that may be accessed via the connection of a dumb terminal or a client PC via a serial connection.

Once set up, administration may be undertaken from a web browser from within the network with users and permissions established accordingly. The VnE Manager is additionally connected to your DNS, NTP and SMTP servers in order to facilitate communication, synchronization and messaging.

Everything you may expect in terms of configurable vulnerability scans and associated alert generation and reporting is catered for, plus features such as the multi-perspective assessment methodology. Automatic software and rule updates are provided to make this a near maintenance-free solution.

Everything about the IP360 suggests the designers really understand this area and are determined to provide you with a world class solution of the highest quality.