The Netgear ProSecure STM600 is a full function transparent inline filter deployed at the internet gateway for seamless anti-malware control across both web and email protocols. This appliance scans HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP traffic for viruses, spam and other malware threats while also providing URL filtering and application control.

Initial setup and configuration for this device was quite simple and straightforward. Once the appliance was connected to the network, we were able to access the web-based interface and run a setup wizard to configure the device for our environment. This setup wizard includes steps to not only configure the network and time settings, but also to set up a baseline scanning policy. After the setup wizard is complete, all additional administration is done in the same web interface, which we found to be well-organized and easy to navigate.

This appliance includes many policy options that are easily configured with most being a simple check in a box or drop-down list. We also found that policies can be easily assigned to various groups and users, including LDAP and Active Directory. This allows for policies to be easily plugged into the existing environment.

Documentation includes a short quick-start guide and a PDF administrator guide. The quick-start guide illustrates the steps to access the device and run the setup wizard, while the administrator guide, or reference manual, provides in-depth configuration instructions. Both guides include many screen shots and step-by-step instructions, which makes configuring and using the product easy.

Netgear includes the first year of support with the purchase of the product. This support includes 24/7 phone and email technical support, next business day product replacement, and firmware and software updates. After the first year, this support can be continued at a cost of about $360 per year. There is also free support available on the website, where users can access documentation and a user forum.

At a price just under $3,800, we find this product to be an excellent value for the money. This appliance includes a number of easy-to-manage features that provide comprehensive protection against web and email threats at a reasonable price.