NextLabs Enterprise DLP is an all-around, full-featured data leakage prevention and digital rights management product. It fits into both categories of this Group Test. Using the Policy Server and various Policy Enforcers, this tool not only can protect data from unauthorized copying or emailing, but also assign digital rights, such as document expiration, copy/paste restrictions and the preventing of screen capture and printing.

We found this tool to be a simple install, but slightly complicated to configure. The initial installation is comprised of loading the Policy Server software on the server, installing the Policy Studio and Policy Controller on another computer, and finally deploying the Enforcers to the client machines. Policy is configured using the Policy Studio application. While it is a bit overwhelming at first, we found it became easy to use after a while.

This tool offers a comprehensive set of integration and policy features and functions. It can integrate with Active Directory to easily deploy policies via the already defined users and groups. After users and groups are enrolled, policy can range anywhere - from protecting data being copied to external media, such as USB flash drives, through having file access expire.

Documentation provided included two paper guides and PDF installation and administrator guides. All the documentation provided was clear and well-organized with a great amount of detail, step-by-step instructions, configuration examples and screen shots.

NextLabs offers several support packages, all with varying levels of phone- and email-based technical support. All customers get access to a web-based support portal, which includes downloads, documentation and other technical resources.

With a price starting at $6,500 for Policy Studio and Reporter applications, and $75 to $250 for Policy Enforcers, before the purchase of extra hardware on which to install the software, this product may seem quite pricey. However, we find it to be an excellent value for the money based on the large amount of features and functions that the product offers.