NopSec Unified VRM, a SaaS-based solution, utilizes machine learning to develop better means of prioritizing vulnerabilities and then mitigating them across their lifecycles. This approach reduces alert fatigue and helps security teams cut through data overload quickly so that they can discover actionable information about business-contextualized threats. The faster analysts can gain visibility into a vulnerability, the faster they can respond to it. The platform’s automated remediation, which it develops through machine learning, helps analysts address even more vulnerabilities in less time.

Unified VRM syncs with vulnerability scanners bidirectionally to give accurate flaw depictions regardless of which scan tool it uses. In order to take vulnerability management beyond scan data only, NopSec has partnered with endpoint solution leaders. Together, their solutions can ingest endpoint vulnerability data and accelerate the vulnerability management feedback loop. Unified VRM automatically applies values to unprioritized assets by following a recommendation system that leverages technical characteristics. This coordinated interaction ensures security teams work on riskiest flaws and assets first and keep less risky vulnerabilities for later.

Once Unified VRM ingests data, the platform runs it through machine learning-based metrics before giving it a risk score and prioritizing it against other vulnerabilities. The NopSec risk score reflects the likelihood that a targeted attack will occur and its impact. Unified VRM consults numerous vectors such as threat intelligence feeds, social media, assets, scanners and others to understand threat context more comprehensively. This context supplements traditional CVSS scores. Because the platform provides such rich threat context, security teams can prioritize those vulnerabilities that real-world cybercriminals will likely target. Everything about this highly analytic platform is customizable, especially the dashboard. Organizations can customize and analyze displayed data and metrics. The landing page presents an overall risk management health score and the health scores of singular and grouped assets. Unified VRM issues reports that security teams can filter and understand clearly. We did not see any predefined reporting templates but the platform offers ample customization options.NopSec Unified VRM’s adept prioritization leverages supervised machine learning, provides a unique NopSec risk score and maximizes efficiency.

Pricing varies based on IP assets. NopSec offers volume discounts that range from $5-$10 per IP and that includes onboarding and training support. Additional support options are available for a fee. NopSec also has a ticketing system built into the platform.

 Tested by Matthew Hreben