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Here's the scenario: You have medical records in a hospital. Included in the records are the notes from psychiatric treatment when the 45-year-old patient was in his early 20s. The patient has fallen and broken a leg. Also in the records is the patient's history of various allergies to medication. The admitting nurse needs to see the allergy list, but has no need to see the psychiatric information. How does she get access to only part of the medical records?

That is a question of need-to-know, and the solution is a thing that O1 Communications calls entitlement. The nurse is entitled to know about those things that impact the treatment of the broken leg and nothing else. But today, carving up information to that granularity is a very difficult proposition. And solving that difficult proposition is exactly what O1 Communications DNAOS is all about.

DNAOS is the technical mechanism that allows the company to carve up information so that only users entitled to a particular piece get those parts. The technology is heavily dependent on service-oriented architecture (SOA). The capability is cloud-based and O1 Communications can provide it as a service. However, for larger organizations that wish to have their own private clouds, DNAOS is available as a product.

DNAOS secures the data itself, not just the access to it. However, entitlement goes deeper than simply controlling access to data. It has to control access to data in context. In our example above, if the patient had been admitted, but there were no signs of injury and the leg was not broken, the psychiatric information might be important.

Finally, the DNAOS system is fully auditable to a very fine level of granularity. This is a critical aspect when compliance is an issue, as it usually is.

We liked this product, but found it a bit difficult to understand on a technical level at first. We think that it is conceivable that prospective customers will be similarly challenged.

Accomplishing what O1 Communications does is not trivial and there is a lot of technology involved. This feature-rich capability can hardly be presented adequately in a few words. Fortunately, management of the affected resource is through an excellent graphical interface and that may be the easiest way to understand how this product does its magic.

Product: DNAOS

Company: O1 Communications

Cost: SaaS starts at $1/hour and the appliance starts at $48,000

The problem it solves: Breaking up information based on need-to-know.

What we liked: High security and good auditing in a difficult environment.

What we didn't like: This is a complicated product and you may need some hand-holding to get the most out of it.

Product title
O1 Communications
Product info
Name: DNAOS Description: Breaks up information based on need-to-know Price: SaaS starts at $1/hour and the appliance starts at $48,000

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