The Passlogix v-GO Access Accelerator Suite includes in one group the full gamut of the v-GO line. This suite includes six components that work together to provide a solid infrastructure in which administrators can manage users through what they can and cannot access, and users can manage themselves through password reset and single sign-on.

Installation is comprised of setting up all the individual modules in the suite. This is a long process which can be quite time consuming. Certain parts of the suite require that others be installed first so administrators need to carefully plan the installation beforehand. All administration is done through web-based management consoles. These consoles are easy to use and intuitive to navigate. Overall, we found this product easy to use, but we would like to see it better integrated with itself. It has a very sectional feel.

The suite is well designed to leverage the existing infrastructure and adds some very solid functionality. Along with integrating into an existing Active Directory or LDAP structure, this product allows the sharing of privileged accounts without giving up security. We found this tool to go beyond simple account and user management, and to go more in the direction of password management and privileged account management across the enterprise.

Documentation consists of several PDF manuals. Each component of the v-GO Access Accelerator Suite has its own installation and administration guide.

Support options include phone and email technical support, as well as a web-based support portal.

At a cost starting at about $237 per user for the whole suite, this product can become quite expensive in large environments. However, there is a lot of functionality that could raise the value significantly if products from multiple vendors were used. We find that the v-GO Access Accelerator Suite is a good value for the money. While it does have standout features, as a suite it is a bit piecemeal and can be challenging to manage at first.