The Passlogix v-GO Access Accelerator Suite offers up a lot of functionality packaged into several small applications. The center of the suite is v-GO Single Sign-On. This piece allows for users to access any Windows, web, Java, Citrix or mainframe application with a single Windows account. Other parts of the suite include Shared Accounts Manager, which allows users to "check out" privileged or shared accounts; Provisioning Manager, which preloads user IDs and passwords into the v-GO repository; and Self-Service Password Reset, which allows Windows users to easily reset their own password.

While this product contains a lot of modules, each one installs quickly and easily. We found it very easy and no trouble at all to get everything installed and up and running.

This solution fully integrates into the environment to streamline account and password management, as well as providing accountability to those who need access to privileged or shared accounts. The applications in the suite allow for easy setup and management of application credentials even with custom applications.
Documentation included a getting-started guide, as well as other user guides. We found all the documentation to be well-organized and easy to follow.

Passlogix provides standard customer support via telephone and email, as well as a customer support website, at a cost of 20 percent of the license price.

At a price of $90 per user for the entire suite, this product can become quite expensive in large-scale environments. Customers can choose to leverage the Single Sign-On portion for $55 per user as well. We find this tool to provide some very solid features and find it to be a good value for the money.