Password Recovery Toolkit

No, it's not really a password cracker in the sense that we usually think of hacker tools. This is a legitimate password recovery tool, and today it can recover passwords from over 80 applications. That is critical for forensic examination. It also is useful when users lock themselves out of critical files. Years ago when Password Recovery Toolkit (PRTK) was new, it was the way to recover passwords. Today, years later, it still is.

As well, one of the most important aspects of security assessments past and present has always been determination of the enterprise users' password strengths. Cracking passwords, one way or another, was and is a staple of attackers. Users still, after decades of security awareness training, use weak passwords. Using a tool such as PRTK, password strength assessments become practical.

I, personally, can recall an assessment where all of the Windows passwords were reasonably strong, but the Unix passwords were weak - over an 80 percent compromise rate using a dictionary attack. This was puzzling because we were dealing with the same users. A careful assessment using password crackers revealed that all of the Unix passwords were based on dictionary words with a number prepended or appended.

Further investigation revealed that the administrators of the two systems - different people - had given different password creation instructions. A little coaching and the problem was solved. However, should an intruder have managed to compromise the Unix system and get the password file, cracking it would have been extremely simple.

Password recovery is, therefore, a critical security and system management task. PRTK is the top tool in our experience for accomplishing the task. And if you need more power, AccessData's newer Distributed Network Attack (DNA) tool marshals the power of unused cycles on as many computers as you can bring to bear on the problem.

As it was back then, it still is. AccessData has the answer to password recovery duties, and the tools are easy to use, priced fairly and are reliable.
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Password Recovery Toolkit
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