Promisec Endpoint Manager is a full-scale policy and endpoint management platform that allows administrators to inspect, monitor and enforce configuration and compliance policy across the entire IT environment from one easy-to-manage console. With this product, administrators can define a policy for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac and Android devices on the network, and ensure that compliance to the security policy is adhered to.

We found this product to be a simple install as it did not take us long at all to get it up and running. The first thing we had to do was install the Endpoint Manager server on a Windows Server machine. The installation of the server management console was quick, guided by a short setup wizard that was easy to follow. After the server software was installed, we were able to access the intuitive management console to begin configuring the product and our policy. Our overall experience with the management console was good, and we felt comfortable navigating around and configuring policy right after our first login.

One of the main features of this product that we found to be most important was the granularity of the configurable settings for the policies. From a single console, we were able to define various hardware and software policies and assign them to various areas of the environment - all based on a simple network scan and discovery. Once we found the systems in the network, we were able to easily apply a policy and scan the system for compliance to the policy. If the system did not meet our policy, we were given remediation options to bring the system into compliance. As an added benefit, we were able to get a full inventory of our systems - both at the hardware and software level - which helps to manage systems and licensing requirements.

Documentation provided with this product includes an installation guide, as well as a full user guide. The installation guide provides an excellent amount of detail and installation steps to get the product up and running with an initial configuration, as well as some brief feature introductions. The user guide goes more in-depth and provides much more detail on advanced configuration of features and policies. We found all documentation to include many clear step-by-step instructions, configuration examples and screen shots.

Promisec does offer no-cost, eight-hours-a day/five days a week phone- and email-based technical support to all customers. Unfortunately, that is the extent of the assistance offered - there is no 24/7 option available. Also missing from the Promisec support portfolio is an online aid area. We find online support to be invaluable when technical support is not available and an administrator is trying to solve a problem. We hope to see more options available from Promisec in the future.

Promisec Endpoint Manager starts at $14 per endpoint up to 1,000 endpoints, based on a yearly subscription. We find this product to be an average value for money based on overall cost of ownership. While this product does provide a lot of features and functionality, it can be quite costly on an ongoing basis overall.- MS