This is an enterprise recovery solution that provides centralized control for a fast backup and restore that is controlled by the administrator. Recovery Manager provides a system that also allows a full restore for any computer that has been unable to reboot. It does this by storing all registry and system files for each protected workstation, allowing a full recovery on any machine covered by Recovery Manager.

The console requires Windows XP, 2000 or NT and can be installed on a workstation or server. Once installed, Recovery Manager will let you designate other users to enable recovery by way of wizard short cuts. Installed on networked computers around your system this will free up the administrator for other tasks, so that repairs and analysis can be remotely governed when required.

This is a very scaleable solution and provides an easy drag-and-drop facility to allow additional computers to be simply and efficiently protected. Installation is fairly straightforward, but you must schedule Recovery Points, and this is done simply through the Recovery Manager console. Once you have Recovery Manager installed you will be able to enlist other users to enable repairs. There is also a roll-back feature that enables the administrator to cho-ose to take the computer, or multiple computers, back to a state prior to any problems occurring. Taking a computer back to a precise Recovery Point will be a faster option in some instances and enable a quick restoration of a stable environment.

If one or more computers have problems that will not allow them to boot, then you have two options. If, on installation, you choose to pre-install the Recovery Manager Boot Client, you can simply roll back to a designated Recovery Point, otherwise a Boot Client CD is capable of recovery, although an automated approach in a large network will be less time consuming for the administrator and would be the favored solution.

Recovery Manager provides a fast and effective approach to recovery and, with the ability to designate other users on the network to remotely analyze and restore, it provides a practical approach to cutting system downtime. On the whole it proved efficient and easy to use.