The Reflex Interceptor 1000 is an IPS with a twist. This appliancenot only has a highly capable IPS with protection for such vectors asintrusions, malicious content, DoS, and anomalies, but it also can beequipped with gateway virus protection and many other features. This ismade possible by the Reflex Command Center (RCC). These devices worktogether to provide protection on many fronts along with features suchas security information management and IP to ID management.

This product was quick to set up and easy to manage. The managementconsole is a Java-based application that can be installed on anyWindows client on the network of the management port. The dashboard ofthe interface provides many easy to read near real-time charts andgraphs of network activity, as well as displays alerts and events.Navigating the interface itself was simple and intuitive. We foundpolicy configuration to be easy too. Policy signatures are wellorganized and all can be enabled and set to block with a simple clickof the mouse.

We found this device to perform nicely under test. The alerts fromour attacks were clearly displayed and easy to drill down into. We didfind that it was a bit tricky to get the device to actually filter theattacks, but overall it caught most.

This product comes with great documentation. When we first unpackedthe Command Center and the Interceptor and saw a lot of ports andcables, we thought it was going to be a difficult deployment, but thequick installation guide gave excellent step by step instructions andwe had the device up in no time. Also provided is a user guide. Thisguide provides more in-depth policy configuration and detailedinformation on alerts and reports. The user guide also includes a lotof screenshots, which are quite helpful.

Reflex Security offers two support plans, standard and premium. Thestandard plan includes unlimited telephone and email support, 8 a.m. to5 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday, excluding major U.S. holidays with anaverage incident response time of four hours. The premium plan includesunlimited telephone and email support, 24 hours per day, 365 days peryear, with an average incident response time of two hours.

Priced at $35,000, this product is a good value for the money. Itprovides a great deal of protection, a lot of nice features andintuitive management.