The Sendio Email Security Platform 360 is an appliance-based solutionthat verifies email integrity through sender and domain validation,along with having anti-virus scanning capabilities.The appliance integrates with LDAP services, such as Active Directory, and applies a set of validation rules which check the validity of the sender, domain or IP reputation before allowing the messages to be delivered.

Installation of the product was cumbersome. Performing initial configuration requires users to flip back and forth between the appliance itself and a remote web interface on a separate machine.

The web interface is driven by a list of functions at the left side of the screen, but is also tabular driven in the main content window. The main functionality of the device is to provide a series of validation checking for inbound and outbound messages, and then approve or deny the email based on those rule sets. Primarily, this is based off a series of integrity checks that include sender, silver listing and domain/server validation. The last step is an anti-virus engine, which checks for the presence of malware in the message body or attachments. The solution performs exceptionally when controlling spoofed emails and spam, but it lacks some basic content filtering capabilities, such as key word filtering, and basic signature or behavior-based blocking.

There is no electronic documentation available and hard copy manuals were not included. Users are instructed to download materials from the Sendio website.

24/7 phone and email support are included. The Sendio website has a dedicated support portal, which includes documentation, FAQs and other information.
The device does excel at preventing spam, but overall it's missing a polished look and feel, as well as any sort of content filtering features that would otherwise help provide defense-in-depth to the security posture.