TITUS is one of those companies whose products other companies include in theirs as OEMs. In the Microsoft space, TITUS is very likely the 800-pound gorilla. While they are very point-specific to Microsoft products, those product comprise the bulk of today's business applications. Here is a case where integration with a familiar workflow - such as Outlook email or MS Office document management - makes the tool itself even more transparent to the user than it might otherwise be.

The workflow for classifying email, for example, is straightforward. The user creates an email. They then classify it using a predetermined policy. The system checks the policy to ensure that it is consistent with the content of the message, after which it will warn of a problem, refuse to send or allow the message to go.

TITUS uses a simple philosophy of matching content, context and identity to determine the disposition of the message or document. The message classification is especially strong. On the desktop of the Outlook message composer there are classification buttons, color coded for simplicity. Once the message is written and classified, the corresponding color is highlighted. Attaching a document with a higher classification than the message results in denial of sending, for example. If there is an easy fix - removing a disallowed recipient, for example - the pop-up makes the recommendation and the sender can remediate and send quickly. 

This tool set - a combination of email and documents - is attractively priced and ease of deployment and use make it a solid value.

At a glance

Product TITUS Classification: includes TITUS Message Classification (TMC), and TITUS Classification for MS Office (TCO)

Company TITUS

Price TMC starts at $27.50 per user; TCO starts at $27.50 per user; TITUS Classification including Desktop (TCD) starts at $51 per user.

What it does Provides email and document classification - when both products are used - for Microsoft platforms.

What we liked Ease of use, applicability to the most popular business software and easy integration.