Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints, with Enterprise Data Protection add-on v10.6, secures the endpoints both on and off the network with anti-malware, malicious websites blocking and host intrusion protection. The solution is powered by Trend Micro's Smart Protection Network, a cloud-based service that delivers global threat intelligence and fast performance. With its central management service and the flexibility to customize endpoint protection with add-on options for desktop virtualization, data leakage prevention and mobile devices, Trend Micro has put together a powerful response to protection of the endpoint. By integrating a full set of data security products within the existing Trend Micro environment, the enterprise data protection add-on provides encryption and data leakage prevention (DLP)  for laptops, smartphones, tablets and USB drives. 

This solution delivers the full range of capabilities needed to protect data and defend against threats across the range of end-user platforms, including anti-malware (reputation-based malware detection for file and web); host firewall and IPS with integrated virtual patching; mobile device and application management, including whitelisting and blacklisting; reputation-based mobile anti-malware and endpoint encryption, including full disk, file and folder; self-encrypting drives (SED) encryption; granular device control with integrated DLP content policy; and integrated device control with filtering across multiple channels. 

Once our system was up and running, the use of features was handled by a web-based dashboard. The Trend Micro Control Manager (TMCM) served as a manager of managers. Here we set policies for Trend Micro products, as well as policy, DLP, AV, messaging, log files in Control Manager, and activity scheduling. A number of other services are available in this product as well, including a global threat database, intelligence from the Forward Threat Research team, reputation services, multiple-layer email reputation, mobile security, virtual desktop protection, OfficeScan damage cleanup services, deep packet inspection, data loss prevention modules, integrated messaging, endpoint encryption, and more. The features and functions are deep, vast and integrated across other services.

The company offers common support features, such as phone and email assistance, a knowledge base, a FAQ, and a website full of resources. The maintenance fees were a bit difficult to decipher. According to the company, the first year of maintenance includes email and telephone support eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week. After the first year, renewal of standard support is $13.50 per user for 501 users, and renewal for the Enterprise Data Protection add-on is $18.40 per user for 501 users. Also, 24/7 support is available in standard and enhanced versions at an additional charge. For Enterprise Security for Endpoints at 501 users, 24/7 standard support is $1.69 per user, and 24/7 enhanced support is $3.38 per user. 

We found that the value for the money spent is very good.