Trend Micro's Enterprise Security for Gateways integrates web and messaging gateway security to protect against incoming or outgoing web, email and blended threats. InterScan Web Security is a multilayered web content and security management solution for HTTP/S and FTP that provides more than 80 predefined URL categories for use in creating local internet use policies, which are enforced at the gateway. InterScan Messaging Security is a multilayered email content security solution for both inbound and outbound SMTP traffic. In addition to anti-malware, InterScan Messaging Security protects the network from phishing and spam.

We downloaded the virtual appliance software, created ISOs and installed the appliance on a bare metal server in our lab. The software virtual appliance also can be installed directly into an existing VM environment. The install was actually much easier than one would anticipate, and once loaded, we used the web-based user interface to do all the configuration. There is a wizard that walks admins through the initial configuration for the network, directory and gateway items. This part took some time. The product delivers a lot of capabilities and, therefore, it takes some time and skill to get it initially configured. We set up our deployment for a transparent bridged mode. The tool also supports many other configurations, such as forward and reverse proxy modes and ICAP mode. There are numerous high-availability options for passive or automated failover.

Phone and email support come with a maintenance contract and includes phone assistance Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST. Support renewals start at $7,000 for a 1,000-user environment. While this is a complete offering, we have a hard time justifying a price tag of two to three times that of the other solutions we looked at, plus the price of hardware.