Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete appeals to those IT professionals who feel an affinity for swiss-army-knife-styled toolsets. A collection of multiple layers of protection for maximum ransomware risk mitigation, Trend Micro provides email and web protection to block ransomware before it ever gets to the users at the email & gateway, in the cloud for Office 365, and at the collaboration points like Office 365, Box, DropBox, Google Drive, SharePoint Server and Skype for Business Server.

Trend Micro's Connected Threat Defense ecosystem offers a blend of unique and advanced way of protecting against targeted attacks and ransomware by offering interoperability across different protection nodes with the Connected Threat Defense ecosystem. Whenever ransomware is detected at the endpoints, network, web or email, that file is sent to and detonated in the sandbox. If determined to be malicious, Trend Micro Connected Thread Defense can generate a rapid response signature on the fly and deploys the protection for all endpoints, mail servers, and gateways automatically.

Smart Protection Suites contain key technologies that are highly effective at protecting against ransomware such as Endpoint Protection which protects endpoints from ransomware with a cross-generational blend of advanced techniques including High-Fidelity machine learning, Behavioral analysis, advanced ransomware protection, application control, vulnerability shielding, lateral movement detection, anti-malware signatures, malware scanning, spear-phishing protection, and web reputation.

Because of the signature-less techniques used, blocking zero-day malware is where this product has been proven to be effective. Because of the multiple-layered threat protection, the Smart Protection suite on-premise products are completely scalable in any environment to best match the size and requirements of small business up to very large businesses.

Smart Protection Complete starts at $49/year for 500+ users. Smart Protection for Endpoints, which excludes gateway. Office 365 cloud app security and mail/collaboration server components, starts at $25/year in similar volume.

Smart Protection Complete includes 24 x 7 support (online and via the phones) as well as all updates and maintenance for the product during the subscription period. A premium option for ongoing access to a Customer Service Manager resource for proactively managing Trend Micro solution is also available.

Incremental support charges are applicable if the customer wanted to have ongoing access to a Customer Service Manager resource for proactively managing their Trend Micro solutions. Other additional support options for shared, dedicated and onsite Customer Service Managers are also offered. The fee starts at $50,000/year for access to a shared resource; if higher dedicated resources are desired they are available as well at a higher price.

This product supports a business that changes its business model often as its flexibility to deploy endpoint security on-premises and in the cloud. Mix and match cloud or on-premises products can be made without the change to the commercial agreement.

by Matt Hreben with collaboration from Dan Cure; tested by Mike Diehl & Matt Hreben