Account takeover is one of the most prevalent of online crimes. The problem with account takeover is that it is difficult to separate legitimate transactions from fraudulent ones. Success - without a lot of false positives (or false negatives) - depends on a variety of techniques. Trusteer uses all of them.

Pinpoint Account Take Over Detection is part of a suite of Trusteer products that includes malware detection among others. The secret behind the product's success is a combination of global data sources and its data correlation engine. This engine looks at the device ID, as well as account accesses, phishing incidents and malware. These are correlated with a global fraudster database and with the events themselves. If an event is out of kilter with the expected correct behavior, Pinpoint looks a bit closer. Tied into the events correlation is the database. This helps tie events to known behaviors, locations, etc., to arrive at a solid identification of a fraud event. Correlating all of the pieces ensures a high level of confidence when blocking a transaction.

This is a straightforward product and, for financial institutions of most sizes, it makes a lot of sense to consider. Pricing is reasonable and there are multiple support options available. This is one of those times when technology can step in effectively when policy is difficult to enforce any other way. Enforcing a security policy that protects customers from themselves without impacting customer satisfaction is a great investment.

At a glance

Product: Pinpoint Account Takeover
Detection (PPATO)

Company: Trusteer,

Price: Starts at $10,000 based on number of users registered to the protected web applications.

What it does: Account takeover protection.

What we liked: Solid use of data correlation to separate legitimate from fraudulent transactions with minimal false positives.