Trustwave Encryption provides an integrated solution for encryption of disks, persistent files on shares, desktops, laptops, USB devices and email attachments. This solution is also provided as a hosted service, with Trustwave managing the servers and the key management infrastructure in the cloud.

There was no server installation required, as the management console was part of the hosted solution. If the customer chooses to deploy an on-premise server, Trustwave provides the operating system and embedded database as part of the installation DVD. The customer only needs to provide the server hardware. All we needed to do was load the client encryption application and follow the choices while it loaded and configured itself to communicate with the hosted site.

There is lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) synchronization available, although our test configuration had it disabled. Without LDAP integration, one would need to use software distribution tools for deploying the agents to end-users. The solution masks the entire hard disk using sector-level encryption. One can have a pre-boot authentication or the solution can be employed with Windows authentication, and one can force encryption to all USB and firewire devices. However, we did not see an option for forcing encryption to CD/DVD drives.

Pricing starts at $90/perpetual (term pricing for one and three years available). A subscription for managed services starts at $60/year and includes support, maintenance and a dedicated security domain for key and policy management.