The Security Suite from Tufin Technologies provides a two-piece approach to managing network device policy and auditing. The first piece is SecureTrack, which enables administrators to track and audit firewall and network infrastructure policy and to maintain compliance. The second piece is SecureChange Workflow, which helps to automate policy changes throughout the network infrastructure. With these two pieces combined, the Security Suite can provide powerful network security auditing that can be automated for solid accuracy in maintaining network policy.

Setup and installation of the appliance is simple and straightforward. Once the product is connected to the network, the first step is to go to the web-based setup wizard on the device. This takes just a few minutes and gets the tool up and running. At the completion of the wizard, all further configuration is done through a solid web GUI, which we found to be well-organized with an intuitive layout.

This solution shows its greatest strength when it comes to maintaining compliance through automation. With SecureChange Workflow, a policy change can be automated from start to finish without the possibility of missing steps. This allows for solid policy compliance and security auditing on many network devices, seamlessly and with little effort.

Documentation included well-organized quick-start and user guides. Tufin provides no-cost email- and phone-based support during regular business hours. Customers also can purchase extended support options, as well as additional services, through an agreement.

At a price of $20,000 for the package and hardware, this product seems expensive on the surface, but we find it to be an excellent value for the money based on its ability to easily manage and maintain policy compliance across network devices.