The Vasco offering is a software-based product that includes the ability to use two-factor authentication, as well as digital signature with the Vasco tokens. The tokens, called Digipass GO, are small key fob-style tokens that have a single button that is pressed to create a one-time password. The server includes Vacman middleware, which is the server component. The middleware can relay the authentication to the intended destination. Many server and device types are supported for the authentication, including modules for IIS5, IIS6, Outlook web access, Citrix, Check Point and many others.

A unique feature of this product is the documentation included with the server install media. This includes white papers, which can be used to help determine which devices are compliant with the Digipass authentication system. Digipass also includes centralized logging and reporting of authentication events. Additionally, Digipass offers a software client for users without hardware key fobs, and it was clearly the easiest client one-time password software to use.

The installation of Digipass was simple and the product installed on Server 2003 without any complications. Like the client software, the administration console was also the easiest to use. It took some time at the beginning to figure out how to activate or unlock tokens, but a little effort and we could perform all tasks without trouble.

Documentation is included electronically in the form of PDF files. The documentation is easy to follow and the layout is logical and not necessary for most administrators. The documentation was indexed and searchable.

Support is available through channel partners and also through an online knowledge base. The knowledge base requires a support ID and a serial number from the device being supported.

The pricing for the Digipass offering was at the low end of the price spectrum. The Digipass Basic Pack for five users starts at $440. Vasco has made quite a name for itself in recent years, and with an offering like this there is little reason to wonder why.