Yubico YubiKey 5Ci operates as a hardware authentication tool that because of its dual USB-C and Lightning connectors, transfers easily between compatible devices. As an external device, YubiKey requires almost no technical expertise from users. Yet it still amply protects services, applications and networks; safeguards against hackers; and achieves immediate company-wide security at very little cost. Yubico contains several different protocols and has a broad range of tools to accommodate several use cases.

Security keys provide strong end-user authentication to either local systems or online services, adding a much-needed layer of protection against data loss prevention. Most breaches involve stolen or reused credentials at some point during the kill chain. Having a strong, second factor authentication in place reduces the attack vector to almost nothing.

YubiKey stands out from the rest of the products in the group this month because it is strategically designed to work with and complement identity and access management solutions, not replace them. If we think of a protected enterprise application or resource like a door, then identity and access management solutions function as the lock on that door. True to its name, YubiKey is the key that goes into that door lock. Therefore, integrations across all industries are crucially important for YubiKey. Integrating YubiKey with supported solutions comes with a number of flexible options and customizations including authentication messages, user segmentation, and more. Yubico has even pioneered a program called Works with Yubikey. In Works with Yubikey, Yubico teams up with partner companies, evaluates their solutions, and then grants them integration verification and a spot in the Yubico catalog.

If there were an ease-of-use category, YubiKey would win it by a mile. There is absolutely nothing to install, and there is zero learning curve. This device works out-of-the-box with every major operating system and browser. Any device with a USB port can accommodate a YubiKey. End-users need only insert the YubiKey into a USB or Lightning port and then touch the gold, biometric component. YubiKey then begins working automatically without further authentication. Users do not need to recall complicated passwords or respond to multifactor authentication messages in order to use this authentication tool. YubiKey verifies identities with a simple touch.

Overall, Yubico YubiKey 5Ci offers the easiest and the highest level of security available for an identity solution that is so consumer friendly. The one-touch YubiKey experience comes with a large ecosystem of integrations, a low total cost of ownership, and a substantial return on investment, meaning that almost everyone can seamlessly add this tool to their security arsenals.

Pricing for the YubiKey 5Ci is set at $70 and includes access to the customer support team. Cheaper models and volume discount pricing are also available. Organizations are responsible for submitting support tickets. Additional tiered support options vary with customer size and need and are available for a fee. These options include phone, email, and website support. Companies also have access to a knowledgebase and video tutorials that will walk them through many YubiKey integrations.

Tested by Tom Weil