Name: SSL-VPN 4000
Price: $6,995

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Easy for users once to use once the unit is configured.
The web interface can be a bit confusing for first time SonicWALL users.
A good product, which is above average on the whole.

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The SonicWALL SSL-VPN 4000 is an appliance-based offering that uses a browser-based client known as NetExtender. The NetExtender client allows all applications to be passed through the SSL-VPN tunnel. The client appears to work only in the Windows environment because it returned an error on each Mac OS machine that tried to use the software. On a Windows system the client is installed as a Firefox extension, which then runs in the system tray. Once the application is running, the browser can be closed and the client remains connected. The SonicWALL SSL-VPN 4000 mirrors an IPsec-based VPN in terms of feel and the only difference is the protocol used by the client to connect.

The installation of the SSL-VPN 4000 appliance was very easy. The entire configuration takes place via a web browser. The interface layout is acceptable and many of the common configuration steps require a little bit of familiarity with the SonicWALL web interface. If you have used a SonicWALL device before, the interface is very similar to that of other SonicWALL products. We were able to configure and log into the SSL-VPN session in less than 30 minutes.

The SSL-VPN 4000 comes with a printed getting started guide, which is very well put together. The guide walks the administrator through several configuration scenarios depending on the placement of the SSL-VPN 4000 in the enterprise’s infrastructure. Common configurations include installing on a firewall’s existing DMZ interface, a new DMZ interface or a LAN interface. Additional documentation is in the form of PDFs included on a CD with the SSL-VPN 4000.

Support is offered through phone and through a support web portal. Ninety days of SonicWALL Dynamic 8×5 support, one year hardware warranty and one year of software and firmware updates are included in the purchase price of the unit. Additional support for 8×5 can be purchased for one, two and three years. 24/7 support is also available for purchase.

The pricing for the SSL-VPN 4000 is $6,995, which places the unit in the middle of the spectrum of products tested. Considering the features offered, the SSL-VPN 4000 is an average value.