So, as most of our faithful listeners know my now Security Weekly maintains a channel at freenode (‘#securityweekly’), and we do converse with many of our listeners there.

Unfortunatley, at some point over the weekend, someone malicious took over the freenode network, and may have, for a time impersonated NickServ. As a result, it was related that about 25 individuals had their passwords potentially compromised.

It is sad to see that it has happened, and I’d highly suggest that all of our listeners that visit our channel (or any of the FiT channels, or freenode in general) immediatley change their password if you use that password anywhere else (which we know you don’t ’cause you are good security doobies).

– L

P.S. You will now notice me posting here much more often, as I’ll be posting both here and at haxorthematrix.

Freenode Network Hijacked