[This is a rare off-topic post to take a break from tech stuff, which I figured many of us could use right now :)]
After a long week of reading about WMF, incident response meetings, blogging, podcasting, and just finishing removing a handful of infected hosts from the network I have some good news, especially if you like Kung Fu movies and/or Jet Li.
Jet Li is promoting his new movie called “Fearless” (well, that’s the Hollywood title). He plays a very famous martial arts master from Chinese history called “Fok Yun Gap” (AKA, Huo Yuanjia), the founder of the Jing Wu martial arts schools.
There have been three other martial arts movies surrounding this story, “Fist Of Legend” starring Jet Li, “Fist of Fury” starring Bruce Lee, and “Legend Of A Fighter”. The difference is that this time Jet Li plays the master…
I believe this will be the hottest Kung Fu movie to hit the screen in a long time (and I watch a lot of Kung Fu movies). Its got all the right stuff, the best action choreographer ever Yuen Wo Ping (“The Matrix” series, “Kill Bill” Series, and countless other martial arts classics), a great director Ronny Yu (“The Bride With White Hair”), and co-stars Michelle Yeoh (from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) and Collin Chou (remember the fight scene in “The Matrix Reloaded” between Neo and the oracles body guard on the tables? Yeah, that’s him).
Fearless movie web site (Check out the trailer!)
Fearless opens in Hong Kong on January 26th.

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