Many people ask me how I keep up with the security news. Its really not a huge secret, okay maybe some things are secret. I will share a couple of items with the Security Weekly Tribe:

I’ve been using an RSS reader since the begining. The software I choose to use has changed over the years, currently settling in on ReadKit (available for OS X). You can find all of the feeds I subscribe to at the following link:

Paul’s RSS Feed Subscriptions (OPML format, updated May 25, 2016)

I also flag articles to use on the show. Not all articles make the final cut. In fact, the articles I select are all archived on the Security Weekly Wiki. Check there each week as some shows we just run out of time and don’t discuss every article. Some articles don’t even make the Wiki. You can find an archive of all my flagged security news articles going back to 2011 at the following link:

Paul’s Archived Security News Articles

Its an interested read and look back on some of the happenings in the security community over the past few years. Some interesting, and lame, statistics:

Of course, if you prefer to listen or watch a distilled version of the security news each week you can tune in to Hack Naked TV (10 minutes of security news twice a week) or listen to Paul’s Security Weekly security news segment (30-45 minutes of talking about security news, recorded at the end of the show after a few drinks, its a lively and entertaining look at the latest security news).