Security Weekly Enterprises in conjunction with the SNENUG (Southern New England Network Users Group) is proud to present the second Linux Installfest for 2008. An installfest allows you bring in your old computers (or anything that will run Linux) and get help from others in the community with the installation and configuration. Got an old PC hanging around? Bring it by! Got a dusty old ipod or wireless router? Get help from Paul & Larry, authors of the WRT54G Hacking book!


Where: Care New England, Trowbridge Building, 10 Health Ln (or 455 Tollgate Rd for older GPSes) Warwick, RI (Right next to Kent Hospital), First floor rooms 102 & 103.
When: Saturday, December 6, 2008 (9:00AM – 4:00 PM)
Contact: Please email [email protected] for questions or more information
Registration: Registration will be done at the door, so just show up!
Directions Here
We also need volunteers to assist people with installing Linux, so if you’re already a Linux guru please come by to help. Internet access will be provided, however if your device requires a monitor please bring one (a small one if possible). Security Weekly will be sponsoring the food and drink for the event. Below are some answers to some common questions:
* What about MythTV? – By popular request this year we will be attempting some installs of MythTV with Mythbuntu. Please check the website for supported tuners to bring with you. There is no cable television service available in the facility, but we will provide a “local feed” for testing.
* Do I need to bring my own installation media? – This depends, if you have a particular Linux distribution that you would like to install, please download it and burn it to CD beforehand. If you don’t have a preference, we will have some installation media here and can even download and install it once you get here.
* Do I need to bring a monitor and keyboard? – If you are bringing a computer (and not a laptop or other device that does not require a monitor or keyboard) please bring your own monitor and keyboard. It is highly recommended that you bring an LCD monitor to save space. We will have a few spare monitors on hand.
* Will there be Internet access? – Yes, both wired and wireless Internet access will be available. Again, please try to download all of the neccessary software beforehand such that the network does not slow down due to multiple people trying to download Linux at once.
* I’ve never installed Linux before, will people be there to help me? – Yes, there will be several experienced Linux users in attendence to help you install Linux. They will stick with you throughout the day until the installation is completed.
* I am an experience Linux user, can I still attend? – Yes, please come by to help people install Linux, eat, drink, and be merry. This is a fun, social, event!
* I want to do an advanced Linux installation, can I bring an embedded device and get help installing Linux on it? – Yes, I will actually be bringing 3 devices to try to install Linux on, a 2nd generation iPod, a Routerboard 532a, and a Soekris net5501. I may be asking for help too!