I just wanted to make a quick posting about the fun event we had this past weekend. Geeks got together to help each other install Linux, while drinking beer and eating pizza. I have a tough time coming up with a better Saturday plan for my day :)


Special thanks to Larry for setting up the facility, and the SNENUG group who as always has fun attending the event. Some interesting installs included:
* Centos 5 on an older dual-nic PC to be used as a firewall
* MythTV using MythBuntu
* I flashed Larry’s Asus WL-530g with an unlocked version of uClinux
* Puppy Linux got installed on some older Compaq hardware (with a dvorak keyboard layout, which was interesting)
* I attempted to install OpenWrt on my Routerboard 532, but the lack of a CF reader = FAIL. See OpenWrt instructions here.
We plan to hold this event again in the spring as well, so stay tuned! Thanks to all who attended!