It is not too often that we call upon the listeners for much, I mean we ask you to of course keep listening to the show, provide us with some feedback, and put some pins on our frappr map. I would like to say “Thank You!” to everyone for all of those things. We appreciate the time you take to listen to our crazy show, send us email (even if its flame mail), and put pins on the map.
I had really no idea that this would take off like it has. We went to SANS 2005 in LA with the intent of giving this whole podcasting thing a try. We had tried to speak our minds and convey our thoughts through other mediums, and mostly that just got us in trouble :) Such was born Security Weekly. So when we created the logo and such it was just a quick kind of thing, not too much thought was put into it. We are committed to our listeners and the show and we are here to stay. So, why not have a super cool logo and slogan! And who better to ask than our beloved listeners!
Your mission young grasshoppers is to create a logo and come up with a slogan for Security Weekly. The winner gets a free subscription to the Snort VRT rules and a $50.00 gift certificate to the snort store.
You can find out about all the contest details HERE.
We are not looking for a super, wizbang, extravagant logo, the winner will be the one who comes up with a logo that best represents our show (please try to keep it PG-13).
(Special thanks to Sourcefire for organizing and sponsoring this contest. You guys rock!)
Thank You!
The Security Weekly Crew