Hot off the press is an article I wrote titled “The Benefits of Hacking Embedded Devices” and was posted today on the web site. The abstract reads:
“Embedded devices can often perform the same tasks as workstations and servers while consuming less space and power, generating less heat, and being more cost-effective. Paul Asadoorian describes why you’d want to “hack” (install new firmware on) embedded devices, and which hardware and firmware choices are the best, so you can make your $40 router do things typically found in a $600 device!”
Not only do I cover many reasons why embedded devices are so much fun to hack, but I answer the question that we get so many times, “What device should I buy if I want to hack and play with third-party firmware and/or embedded Linux?”. So, enjoy and let me know if you have questions or feedback (You can use our new contact page!).