Tonight I will present an updated version of this presentation which will cover some of the interesting research happening in the area of embedded device (in)security. Below is the information:
Things That Go Bump In The Network: Embedded Device (In)Security
Wednesday, August 13 8:00pm – 9:00pm
“Paul Asadoorian will discuss an area of rapidly growing risk from embedded devices. As these devices become ubiquitous, the risks continue to grow. Common devices from iPhones to Linksys routers are vulnerable to attacks which can compromise your data. Most do not realize unique opportunities for attackers to do damage and gain access to your network, and most importantly your information. This talk will focus primarily on common embedded device vulnerabilities. Paul will stroll down memory lane and review some of the vulnerabilities that have been released for embedded devices, how we can use them to gain control of the device, the network, and more importantly the data traveling across it. Example devices will include printers, mobile devices, Wireless Routers, and network-based cameras including live hacking demonstrations!”
I will also present this material at SANS NS2008 in Las Vegas, so if you are, or will be, at either conference come check it out!