I remember when I first read that Bill Gates would take time off as “thinking time”. I thought to myself, “Wow, like how unproductive, I could be hacking routers, testing wireless attacks, or breaking into something during that time”.


Little did I know just how productive this time can be (say what you will now, but I think Microsoft has done pretty well over the years). So, somewhat in honor of Bill Gates (okay well not really) we will be taking a little time off. Our next podcast will be recorded on Thursday July 10th, 7:00PM EST. In the mean time, I will be doing some thinking, trying to unplug, enjoy this July 4th weekend and come back in better mental shape. I suggest that you do the same.


Maybe take a trip on the boat, spend some time with family, and get some rest. You’ll need it for what we have in store :)
Happy 4th!