While we love Google (I mean, they make a fantastic search engine), it was time to say goodbye to Google groups and get our very own mailing list server. Look for more good things to come on that front…
In the mean time, I have moved everyone over from the old Google groups mailing list to the new one. The “Security Weekly” mailing list is for discussions about the show, general computer and network security topics, hacking, and the like. Feel free to discuss and ask questions. If you don’t get an answer right away, be patient, it may take some time before people are able to respond.
If you have not yet joined the mailing list, then what are you wait for?
You can subscribe here.
You just have to join the debate, who knows, we may even bat around the old “Ninjas Vs. Pirates” debate just for fun.


(Just sayin’, Ninjas rule!)